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Mar 02

Estate Planning Best Practices Gleaned From Famous Celebrity Deaths

We can all learn a lot from celebrity estate planning mistakes. Discussing death can be awkward, and many people would prefer just to ignore estate planning all together. However, ignoring—or even putting off—such planning can be a huge mistake, as these celebrity stories will highlight.The next time one of your relatives tells you they don’t […]

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Oct 20

The Ten Richest Families in America and Their Rise to Riches

Self-made millionaires are not uncommon in the dotcom era, but their fortunes pale in comparison to those of the ten richest families in America. These families weren’t overnight successes, but their fortunes have stood the test of time and are the result of strong family ties and very smart estate planning.The Ten Richest Families in […]

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Jul 14

Tax Lessons to be Learned from Celebrity Estate Plans

A celebrity’s image and likeness can continue to produce considerable income after death. This type of intellectual property is considered part of your estate, and the IRS can tax its value. In the case of pop star Michael Jackson’s estate, that recently meant an IRS bill to the tune of $64.5 million, years after his […]

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